Hi! I'm Kristy Leis - Fashion Designer & Spiritual Teacher

When it comes to fashion, I see it as a philosophy, a particular way of being.

I prefer pieces that are basic, timeless and can be worn with different accessories to add personality.

Kind Butterfly Designs is where my creativity is focused and kindness is the style.

Read more about Kind Butterfly's mission here.

Kind Butterfly Effect

Intention Bracelets

There are three things we are in FULL control of; our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. These three things are also utilized by being intentional, and CHOOSING what we want to feel, cultivating that and focusing our energy on the positive.

Each bracelet is designed with intention. Though the gemstone beads are intrinsically purposeful, the method of design is based on colours and numbers.

This means that you're more likely to get the most accurate tool for your transformation.

Custom bracelets are available.

Design Philosophy

A Bit About Kristy & KB Designs

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  • Bracelet & Notebook Reviews

    Kristy is incredibly intutive and talented! She will help you find the perfect item for you. She chose the bracelet for me, and I absolutely love it. I wear it everyday and it gives me such a positive feeling towards life. Kristy is highly intuitive and knows exactly how to find the right item for you! :)

  • Summer @ Kensington Artisan Market

    I met Kristy at Kensington Artisan Market in July 2021 where she told me the story behind her brand. She truly embodies what she teaches and everything she designs is unique and intricate. She is a very colourful soul with a mission to spread kindness.

  • Program Reviews

    Kristy was my coach for her program Metamorphosis and I cannot even explain the amount of gratitude i have toward her. She walked me through one of the most difficult and best transformations of my life with true love and kindness. She made sure that my cocoon of transformation was comfortable and loving. Highly recommend working with her!

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