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Your One Stop Transformation Shop

What does it all mean? Why are we here? Is there meaning to life or is it just an illusion?

These are questions that come up during an existential crisis, or a spiritual awakening.

Kind Butterfly is your one stop shop to learn more about the philosophy behind transformation.

Offering tools - bracelets, notebooks, mugs, crystals, resin containers, and clothing all designed with your transformation in mind.

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Where Kindness is the Style

Kind Butterfly Designs lives by the idea that kindness is for everyone.

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  • Zodiac Jewelry Container

    Regular price $27.00 CAD
    Regular price Sale price $27.00 CAD
    Zodiac Jewelry ContainerZodiac Jewelry Container
    Sold out
  • Gemstone Rings

    Regular price $22.00 CAD
    Regular price Sale price $22.00 CAD
    Gemstone RingsGemstone Rings
  • Jewelry Container

    Regular price $14.00 CAD
    Regular price Sale price $14.00 CAD
    Jewelry ContainerJewelry Container
    Sold out
  • Sage wand

    Regular price $15.00 CAD
    Regular price Sale price $15.00 CAD
    Sage wand
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  • Bracelet & Notebook Reviews

    Kristy is incredibly intutive and talented! She will help you find the perfect item for you. She chose the bracelet for me, and I absolutely love it. I wear it everyday and it gives me such a positive feeling towards life. Kristy is highly intuitive and knows exactly how to find the right item for you! :)

  • Summer @ Kensington Artisan Market

    I met Kristy at Kensington Artisan Market in July 2021 where she told me the story behind her brand. She truly embodies what she teaches and everything she designs is unique and intricate. She is a very colourful soul with a mission to spread kindness.

  • Program Reviews

    Kristy was my coach for her program Metamorphosis and I cannot even explain the amount of gratitude i have toward her. She walked me through one of the most difficult and best transformations of my life with true love and kindness. She made sure that my cocoon of transformation was comfortable and loving. Highly recommend working with her!

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