Every Bracelet Tells a Story ~ About KindButterfly Designs

Every Bracelet Tells a Story ~ About KindButterfly Designs

Of all the names, why choose Kind Butterfly Designs? Well, this wasn't the first name, and even though the name changed, the basic idea never did. 

When setting out to create a brand, it is necessary to draw from personal experiences of life, and create a brand identity around what my strengths and differences are. In essence, my uniqueness is what creates my brand. 

Every bracelet tells a story. Every bead has a purpose. Every design is different. Every bracelet has similarities and difference, but no two are the same. These words also describe human beings, no two are the same, no two have experienced the same things to come out with the same wisdom, or to have the same perception and perspective about one particular thing. 

That is what the KindButterfly stands for. This uniqueness is represented by the butterfly. 

Now you may be wondering, why the word "kind" in front of it'? 

Adding this word to my brand has a purpose. It relates to my story. On my blog, called philosopherontherun.com, I explored a lot of personal development and philosophical topics that led me to one particular metaphor. The metaphor of being the grumpy caterpillar. This represents who I was, before forming my cocoon and becoming who I am now. It's one thing to share this as a story but a whole other to explain it in a post like this, so I won't bore you with too many words. 

The Kind Butterfly is the transformation of overcoming a personality disorder, depression, and anxiety. Kindness heals everything. Spreading kindness with the wings of a butterfly, the gentleness of a butterflies flutter, and even the spiritual meaning of a butterfly as a symbol of metamorphosis are all part of my brand. 

Here, everyone is welcome. Everyone is perfectly imperfect. My personal motto is stay true stay weird because no one else has the same kind of weird as you, and that's the best possible thing in the world. 

I hope that reading this post allows you to feel accepted, just as you are into the Kind Butterfly Community, and to embrace your own uniqueness as your wings, draw your pattern on them and shine them with kindness and gentle unshakable confidence in how incredibly divine they are, you are

This is why I make bracelets. To spread kindness to those who feel lost, stuck, or confused. 

To find out more about who I am follow @thekindbutterfly on instagram, @kindbttrfly on twitter, and check out my blog and personal account @kristy.leis on instagram too. I am just starting my journey toward accepting that my dreams are perfect, and I hope to share that with you. 



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