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The Soulful Stoic Course

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This is a course designed to teach you how to empower yourself using principles of stoic philosophy from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus. 

In the first lesson you are tested on your current knowledge and go over common assumptions about stoicism from a modern cultural view. 

In the second lesson you are introduced to the works of Epictetus and begin to see where the concepts of Cosmos and Logos are related to modern areas of Spirituality and Cognitive and Dialectic Behaviour therapy. 

In the Final lesson you are asked to journal about specific quotes as related to how you process and understand yourself in this world. 

Outcome: The objective of this course is to broaden your mind to think beyond stoicism as "stone faced" or avoiding emotions, and teach you how to utilize the principles of ancient stoic philosophers for greater self mastery and emotional intelligence. 

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