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Blessed Heart Bracelet

Blessed Heart Bracelet

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The Blessed Heart  is made with clear quartz, citrine, tigers eye and Green Aventurine.  Each stone is uniquely placed in order to create a pattern designed to assist with blessing your heart chakra. The colour green is amplified to bring more connection to nature and your heart centre. Amplified with a lotus charm to remind you to be true to yourself and your personal growth. 



- you are someone who can hold a lot of empathy for others, you truly have a blessed heart.

- sometimes you struggle more than you should, causing mental turmoil and resulting in actions that are out of alignment with your hearts true desires.

- you probably believe that you're supposed to struggle, or that struggling makes you stronger in some way, and points to "being normal"

- you struggle mainly with putting others before yourself, and often find that your needs are never met by others because of this


- wearing this item will help to align you with your heart, the green will anchor you in your true nature of compassion and empathy

- you will feel more aligned with yourself, and find that setting boundaries comes more naturally. With the wisdom from the tiger's eye, you will know when to say no, and have the power to do so.

- with the clear quartz and citrine, you will feel a renewal of optimism toward your relationship with money, and begin to relax knowing that you are financially abundant when you are true to yourself.

- the 16 green jade beads, being the largest of the design, will bring you prosperity. As wearing this colour creates a psychological indication that you are bound for success. 


- because this item is on sale, you may feel more aligned with the purchase. You'll see that you're getting a good price, aligned with the angels through the number 33. You will begin to understand that the money used for this purchase will come back to you TRIPLED, and you'll begin to notice more patterns in your life around money creating conscious awareness for change. 


All of this is written for the person who reads it and says HECK YES THIS WAS MADE FOR ME. 

If you are aligned with this item, you are more likely to see the results come through, as all intention is rooted in belief of the possibility. 


 updated with Sterling Silver spacers* July 2022

DISCLAIMER I am not providing medical advice, legal advice, or any other professional service. All designs are copyrighted and owned by KCL Consulting & Design. 

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