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Blessed Heart Bracelet

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This beautiful bracelet is made of Purple Chalcedony and Blue Chalcedony with rhinestone spacers and Rutilated Quartz. 

Blue Chalcedony is known as a communication stone. The colour blue is often associated with the throat chakra (energy centre) where our voice and communication resonate. 

Purple Chalcedony is said to be a stone of insight. It offers connection to your inner knowing, third eye and crown chakras. 

Rutilated Quartz is known as a stone of strength, connecting to all the chakras and encouraging manifestation and awareness of how you are creating your own reality. 

Placing rutilated quartz between the two forms of chalcedony balances and blesses the metaphysical properties of each. 

Featuring a silver stainless steel charm, this bracelet is fashionable and creates a unique expression of who you are. 

Size 7 fits women's small/medium

Size 7.5 fits women's medium/large



DISCLAIMER I am not providing medical advice, legal advice, or any other professional service. All designs are copyrighted and owned by KCL Consulting & Design. 

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