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Alignment Collection - Chakra Bracelets

Alignment Collection - Chakra Bracelets

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The energy system of the human body is becoming more widely known, understood and accepted. The term Chakra comes from Sanskrit meaning "wheel". Each chakra is an energy centre on the body correlating between organ, honomone and lymphatic systems in the physical body. The seven centres each represent a different meaning, colour and aspect of understand our humanness. 

Crown / Amethyst 

The crown chakra sits at the top of your head and focuses on your connection to Divine Consciousness. This is the place where we understand the greatness beyond our physical and individual selves. 

Third Eye / Lapis Lazuli

The third eye chakra is the seat of the mind. This is also the physical place of the pineal gland in the centre of your brain. It is known as the place of knowing, psychic vision, awareness in the "mind's eye" and the connection to knowing that there is something beyond ourselves at play. This is also where the ego and the dialogue of the mind sits. It is often referred to as mentalism where the power of thoughts comes into play. 

Throat / Turquoise 

The throat chakra sits right in the middle of your neck, in your throat. This location is your voice, your ability to speak up and assert yourself, speak your truth, and stay true to your boundaries, personal knowingness and reflect the sacral chakra in voicing these things in relationships with others. 

Heart / Imperial Stone 

The heart is said to be the seat of your soul where your crown and root chakra meet. This is also the chakra that focuses around love, feelings, and emotions. It is often that our heart is guarded and this is also where your inner child lives. 

Solar Plexus / Citrine Quartz

The solar plexus is the center of your personal power. It relates to how you understand yourself, relate to yourself as an individual and your ability to trust yourself. Discipline and action live in the solar plexus. 

Sacral / Goldstone 

The sacral chakra is the seat of your creativity. It holds your sexual organs and is known as the place where relationships come into existence. This means if we are scared of commitment or have issues with abandonment, this section of our physical body is going to feel these emotions harshly. The sacred truth of this chakra is honour one another

Root / Red Carnelian 

Your root chakra is the base of who you are, relating back to your family, your ancestors and where you come from. This also symbolizes your "roots" and relates to personal safety within groups.  



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