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Kind Butterfly Designs

Cheerful Blooming Bracelet

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What does a blooming flower look like when created with beads?

The Cheerful Blooming bracelet captures the beauty of a blooming flower, and encompasses the fullness of a fresh bloom. 

Featuring Carnelian, Purple Chalcedony, Green Aventurine, and Blue Agate, each stone represents part of the flowers blooming process. 

Carnelian connects to the sacral chakra which sits in the creative energy center of sexual organs in the body.

Sacral energy is known as the energy which creates worlds and is the most powerful energy source in the world. 

Purple Chalcedony offers insight to your truest and deepest desires

Green Aventurine is a stone of good luck and good fortune

Blue Agate helps with communication

Wearing this bracelet offers a cheerful blooming into your truest self, and offers to others the beauty of a flower in a bracelet. 

Includes a Rose Gold stainless steel lotus charm to symbolize the journey of self connection. 

Size 7 fits women's small/medium

Size 7.5 fits women's medium/large



DISCLAIMER I am not providing medical advice, legal advice, or any other professional service. All designs are copyrighted and owned by KCL Consulting & Design. 

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