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KCL Consulting

Live Bead Healing

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Join me in a live session on Instagram or Facebook as I create a bracelet designed for your energy

Using a philosophy I call ISH or Intuitive Stone Healing I choose genuine semi precious stones based on your energy in a live conversation. 

ISH Is as simple as it sounds, you tell me about what you’re creating in your life and I choose beads based on colours, numbers, and the properties associated with the stones. 

When it’s done, I select a butterfly sticker for you (you’re welcome to pick ahead) and write a personality for your bracelet as a reminder of what we discussed in the live session. 

I’m thrilled to be your guide as you continue through your spiritual journey! I am confident that my choice of stones will aid you in your goals as a physical reminder of your inner power, natural abilities, and uniqueness. 


DISCLAIMER I am not providing medical advice, legal advice, or any other professional service. All designs are copyrighted and owned by KCL Consulting & Design. 

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