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New Moon & Full Moon Groups

New Moon & Full Moon Groups

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Following the moon cycle adds meaning and structure to your life. 

In this 90 minute group, you'll receive a sound bath, activation, and energetic reset. On New moons we focus on clearing out space and looking at old habits to release what no longer serves us. On full moons, we share wins and look at what has already manifested for us and show gratitude. 

In both, we use writing to understand and connect with ourselves more deeply. Adding a card reading for the collective to understand themes that are coming up, and looking at the astrological season to guide the topic of discussion. 

You can sign up for monthly sessions, or start with both a new moon and full moon session. 

If you're new, and unsure which one to choose, get the one that is coming up the closest to when you're looking at the dates for 2023. Your soul is guiding you toward the best path, and so choosing the closest date is ideal. Your mind might tell you that you need to plan ahead, no you don't. Trust your gut and choose the one that is coming up. 


- 90 minutes live + replay link - Access to a private zoom group - Meditation & Reiki Healing Activation - Sound blessing & Group Card reading - Journal prompts for self growth - Intention setting & amplification - Share wins & inspiration - Make new friends & Meet new people


Always hosted at 7pm. 

Thursday August 17

Thursday September 14

Thursday October 12

Thursday November 16

Thursday December 14



Thursday August 3

Thursday August 31

Thursday September 28

Thursday October 26

Thursday November 30

Thursday December 28

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