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Unity Collection

Unity Collection

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Bracelets in this collection have one stone, and a small accent offering a singular, unified intention from the stone. 


Citrine Quartz

Elevated positivity, self-belief, enhancement, and development: these are only some of the qualities unlocked with Citrine Quartz.

Working with the solar plexus and connecting to one's true essence can lead to greater joy, wealth, abundance, and growth.

Unleash your potential with this invaluable tool for all facets of life.

8mm beads, silver spacers, logo bead. 


Intuition, grounding, support, protection, and self awareness.

Connected to the third eye chakra and psychic awareness.

Labradorite delivers energy and influence that helps cultivate and fine tune your understanding of your intuition, aiding you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Enjoy a balance of energy and protection that only Labradorite can provide.

6mm beads, Rose Gold Butterfly


Friendship, healing, protection.

Connected to the crown Chakra to lead you forward with guidance and connection to higher consciousness

The subtle energies of Amethyst amplifies your sense of creative potential and intuition, supporting you to step forward confidently and courageously.

6mm beads, Rose Gold Butterfly


Mental clarity, transformation of mind, cultivating new habits, protection.

Connected to the heart chakra.

Fluorite offers an access point to help you dive deeper into these mindfulness practices, allowing you to live your best life.

Fluorite promotes focus and balance, and helps you stay connected to your highest self.

8mm beads, Silver Butterfly


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